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Assembly hall tour

Assembly hall tour

Blog Post | August 2022

Today we take you on a tour through our assembly hall including incoming and outgoing goods (1). On an area of about 2000 m² there are 2 assembly sections where our stage products STAGEKET and LIFTKET as well as our industrial products STAR LIFTKET are assembled.

In the first section of the hall, there are storage racks on the right and left for standard parts (2), such as screws & rings, and gears, which are then picked and assembled at the following workstations.

In the preparation/picking area (3) for our STAR LIFTKET electric chain hoists, gear stages are pre-assembled to order, and the batches of components are assigned to the future factory number. This step enables us to trace, even years after manufacture, when which electric chain hoist was built by whom and with which materials.

In the following gearbox assembly for STAR LIFTKET (4), all previously picked parts and components are finally assembled, the gearbox is filled with oil and the brake is inserted.

On the opposite side you will find the workstation for assembling the famous brake clutch unit (5) for our LIFTKET & STAGEKET entertainment chain hoists.

After the gear assembly, the motor assembly (6) takes place in the following work area. Depending on the customer’s requirements, there are various motor models with different voltages and frequencies. This makes it possible for us to sell our products in the most diverse countries worldwide according to the associated requirements.

For an optimal supply of the individual workplaces with the required parts and components, there are appropriate storage areas in the immediate surroundings. On the way from the motor to the electric assembly, the gearbox bearings for STAGEKET and LIFTKET (7) as well as the warehouse for the customised pendant controls (8) are located on the right and left side. The available model selection is also based on the corresponding customer requirement here. 

In the electrical assembly area (9), the electric chain hoist receives its control. From this moment on, it is ready for operation and can be put through its paces on the test station (10). There, the clutch is adjusted according to the load, which is of enormous importance for later safe operation. In addition, the chain hoist generally undergoes a functional and visual inspection, and the factory number is stamped into the housing.

The STAR LIFTKET INDUSTRATION electric chain hoist is now ready for shipment (11) to the customer. Here, the final caps are labelled with the correct information according to the labelling plan and mounted after the transport caps have been removed.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the chain hoist is finally dispatched in specialised packaging and with additional components, such as trolleys or chain box. The corresponding warehouse for trolleys and load hooks (12) is therefore located in the immediate surroundings of the shipping department.

In the assembly hall, a total of approximately 55 employees ensure that the product is completed and finally dispatched according to customer requirements. Every day, we do our utmost to provide the LIFTKET electric chain hoist to our customers and partners with the highest quality standards.