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  • A selection of standard STAR LIFTKET hoists ready for preparation and despatch within 15 days
  • 24VAC low voltage control, operating voltage 3ph / 380-415V / 50Hz, upper and lower limit switches, pendant with quick-change connection
  • all Models are “Made in Germany” / Wurzen
  • up to around 20m hook path
  • with one hole suspension eye, hook suspension (non rotating), hand- or electric trolley (5+20m/min)
kgsISOTYPESTARChain (mm)Speed m/min
125M7125/1-8/2SLS 031/535,2×158/2
250M6250/1-8/2SLS 031/515,2×158/2
500M6500/2-4/1SLS 031/515,2×154/1
500M5500/1-8/2SLM 071/547,2×218/2
1000M51000/2-4/1SLM 071/547,2×214/1
1000M51000/1-6/1,5SLM 071/557,2×216/1,5
1600M51600/1-8/1SLL 091/559×278/1
2000M52000/2-3/0,75SLM 071/557,2×213/0,75
2500M52500/1-10/2,5SLL 111/5211,3×3110/2,5
3200M53200/2-4/1SLL 091/559×274/1
5000M55000/2-5/1,25SLL 111/5211,3×315/1,25
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