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Electric chain hoists for special executions

LIFTKET is also well positioned in the areas of development and design for special solutions at the customer’s request. An efficient, motivated and productive team of engineers and application technicians develop special solutions in close cooperation with the customer. Our assembly department implements these special designs in a short amount of time.

STAR LIFTKET with connecting shaft

Electric chain hoist with 2 load chains

This is where solutions are shown for the transportation and lifting for instance large paper rolls in the printing industry. These double chain hoists are presented as a single or double girder variation, which can be offered with lifting loads of up to 2,500 kg and a maximum hook distance of 3,000 mm.

Technical versions

Capacity single fall (kg)Lifting speed (m/min)Capacity double fall (kg)Lifting speed (m/min)Model STAR LIFTKETLifting motor (kW)Duty group of hoistDuty group of load chain
2 x 250102 x 5005071/51 DK1,12m2m
2 x 2508/22 x 5004/1071/54 DK0,9/0,22m2m
2 x 25010/2,52 x 5005/1,25071/53 DK0,9/0,22m2m
2 x 40082 x 8004070/54 DK1,12m2m
2 x 50062 x 10003070/55 DK1,12m2m
2 x 500102 x 10005070/53 Dk1,71Am1Am
2 x 5006/1,52 x 10003/0,75071/55 DK1,1/0,22m2m
2 x 63082 x 12504070/56 DK1,71Bm1Bm

Ultra-flat twin chain hoist – for max. height of lift

The ultra-flat twin chain hoist is a hoist for extreme short headroom solutions  with a capacity up to 4,000 kg. The hoist comes with synchronised control and is also available with customer-specified controls. For further information please have a look at our flyer.

Radio remote control

LIFTKET also offers all hoists with remote controls made by a German manufacturer. These radio controls are designed with a plug/socket solution, a customer can either plug in a radio control or a simple pendant control. Electric chain hoist with two brakes and internal gear limit switch – encoders and frequency inverters can be added.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control
FSE 308 FSE 312
Dimension 119 x 141 x 57 mm 150 x 141 x 64 mm
Plug connection Han 10 Han 16
Relay outputs up to 8 relay outouts for black / white
control commands + emergency stop (for
up to 2 two-speed motors)
12 relay outputs for black / white
control commands + emergency stop (for
up to 3 two-speed motors)

Radio remote control HBC

Radio remote control AUTEC

LIFTKET electric chain hoists in action