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  • load-dependent infinitely variable speed control from 2 to 24 m/min
  • protection class IP55
  • hoist can be operated with up to 200 % of the nominal speed by moving without load
  • integrated lifetime-display for showing the following values: remaining useful life, operating hours, full load hours, number of brake clearances, inverter temperature
  • decreases the maintenance requirements and costs
  • emergency stop with extremely short stopping distance
  • all mechanical accessories and components are fully compatible (e.g. chain bags, trolleys, special chains, variations, etc.)
  • one hoist for worldwide use (1ph or 3ph / 380– 480 V / 50 and 60 Hz)
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kgsISOTYPESTARChain (mm)Speed m/min
125M6125/1-12070/58 V7,2×212-24
250M6250/1-12070/58 V7,2×212-24
500M6500/1-8070/54 V7,2×211-16
1000M51000/1-6070/55 V7,2×211-12
2000M52000/2-3070/55 V7,2×210,5-6
kgsISOTYPESTARChain (mm)Speed m/min
125M6125/1-12070/03 V7,2×212-24
250M6250/1-12070/03 V7,2×212-24
500M6500/1-8070/04 V7,2×211-16
1000M51000/1-6070/011 V7,2×211-12
2000M52000/2-3070/01 V7,2×210,5-6

Integrated LIFETIME display to show the following values:

Remaining useful life | operating hours | full load hours | number of brake cycles | inverter temperature

Available with different trolleys:

Push trolley | Electric trolley

Available with different suspensions:

Hook suspension | Single hole suspension eye | Double-hole suspension eye